Sunday, January 27, 2008

Ex-tra flirtatious

The following is an email sent to Ms. X by Mr. Y.
Y is an ex of Ms. X and she moved to a different city soon after breaking up. They haven't been touch for years till a couple of days back X and Y chat on Gtalk. Then X gets this mail:

Hey Sexy !
Hey X watsaa ! hows life ? how are u yaar , long time naa ! so where are u , someplace naa ? hows da place , i hope its nice ! im missing u alot yaar ( as a friend not more ) . just so you knoe ive broken up with my girlfriend . a long time backactually , sometime in september . so how are you , wen are u comin back to india?

You have any new boyfriend or sumin , i mean i gues u shud by now ! a chick like u can easily get a rockstar . i know no1 can match me and after me uve got high expectations but its okay , you ve gotta give oder guys a chance u knoe . im so sure dere are tonnes of guys who are dying to talk to you and have a crush on you !

So temme , do u miss me or have u just forgotten me ? you shudnt have left and gone to delhi yaar , we both wud have been so good together ! and i swear i wudnt have been shy and wudve spoken to you ! you know what , i think we should stay in touch via e-mails. i mean i can try to check my mails atlest once in a week you know ! for you anything ! chal neways ive gotta go now , need to study you know . so well ill hopefully talk to you soon okay . bye X ! reply jaldi okay .

Your ex-boyfriend ,
Y !

Now many of you might be interested to know the reply. But suffice to say that the above did not succeed, though X noted the point that she was 'Sexy' and repeatedly mentioned the point in our discourse. Of course she refuses to rule him out of contention in the conceivable future. And yes, she is going out with someone - as Y apprehends. But he can hardly be described as a 'Rockstar' in any sense of the term. Nor can Himesh Reshammiyya.

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  1. hehe .. X is lucky he is still in contention...

    so non fiction eh??? id like some insight once college starts!!