Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Its time for some Perspective

Now that the ICC has acquisced to the Indian team's demand of replacing Bucknor and the procedure for the appeal against Harbhajan is underway, it is time for Cricket to come to the forefront again. The emotional outbursts against the Australian team's behavior while understandable should be transient. Lets recapitulate what all they have done to so upset us and unite the whole nation behind the team:
  1. Ricky Ponting, the Aussie captain, after entering into a gentleman's agreement with Anil Kumble chose to use it as and when it suited his advantage
  2. Ponting, Symonds, Clarke, Hussey were guilty of not walking when clearly out
  3. Gilchrist appealed for a catch that he must have known to be non-existent
  4. Excessive appealing and harassing the umpires
  5. Celebrating like a group of 15 year olds and not giving credit to the deserving opposition
  6. Accusing Harbhajan Singh of racial abuse after deliberately taunting and provoking him
It is quite clear that to make an issue out of 2, 3, 5 and walking out of the series is out of question. After having called the Aussies 'cry-babies' for taking the Bhajji issue out of the cricket field, we can't and should not take hypocrisy to new levels by using trivial issues like these.

The point no. 4 can be dealt with greater strictness from the umpires and match referee. After the criticism cutting across nationalities, the officials will only be more careful. Stung by the harsh comments, the Aussie cricketers will also lie low for a while, as they did after the Sarwan-McGrath incident in 2003.

The point no. 6 is under appeal, and the Indians have sufficiently retaliated by throwing a counter charge against Brad Hogg. Besides, after the accusation Bhajji got Ponting for the fifth time off the very first ball he bowled to him in 8 tests and we all heartily enjoyed the moment.

What remains is the biggest problem of all. In fact there is precedent where the captain of a team was banned for the highest possible punishment - banned for five ODI's - when he tried to cheat on a catch. Read about the Rashid Latif incident here.

While Ponting could not get Dhoni out, and there is no way to prove that he knew about Clarke's claim being false against Ganguly, he cannot really be equated with Rashid Latif. There is definite case against him and Clarke, and possibly Gilchrist, but it will be impossible to prove. Especially so now that His Excellency Mr. Proctor thinks only Aussies can be truthful. So it is pointless for the Indians to go down that road and distract themselves further.

Then how do we deal with these arrogant snots? By beating them on the field. By screwing them in full public view in their own backyard at something they think they are the best at. Sounds good? The record that India has when charged up is phenomenal. Zaheer Khan gave an example on the England tour recently.

On the other hand, what will happen if we pull out? We will lose all the credibility that we have gained from our dignified Captain. Ponting and his boys will gloat over their success and get more pompous. It will be years before they are challenged again.
So lets go for the kill. Perth chalo...


  1. hmmm well u hoping for a muvi like climax to all this and it wud be gr8 if it goes that way for which dada needs to take his dismissal personally [:P] and I read he didn't sleep after missing out on a century in the first innings.. but to be honest I don't even feel like watching the match wonder hw can they feel like???

  2. @kanishk
    looks like my post's foresight had some insight in the light of hindsight :)