Monday, November 3, 2008

Google's Adi-sense

All of you must be familiar Google's AdSense - an advertisement application. The Wikipedia article says:
AdSense has become a popular method of placing advertising on a website because the advertisements are less intrusive* than most banners.
I beg to differ. In a recent correspondence I had with a friend over Gmail, I was shocked to notice that the first sponsored link on the right was
Instant relief to break-up pain and fastest plan to get your ex back
Now, I think, I must confess that the 'friend' was a one-time (and a long-time) crush of mine. Nothing more, unfortunately. But how the hell did Google know that? Nothing in the mail itself suggests anything on those lines. Unless the mere presence of words like - 'arrogance, incompetence.... dick.... bitch' - imply a broken-up relationship.

Even though the mail was not exaclty from an ex of mine, but i wonder what kind of key words sparks the AdWords program to show a link to

*emphasis added


  1. hahahahahhahahahahaahahahaha
    gasp for breath
    fall out of chair. get up . check to see noone saw the clumsiness..

  2. ha ha, the comment is funnier than the post :)

  3. @ Debasish and Kanishk
    If you think sucking up to her is gonna get you anywhere, I am not gonna bet on it :P