Sunday, September 21, 2014


I read this blog post on the turmoil of the twenties. In an eloquent piece, the blogger captures the pangs that one goes through on the threshold of 'true adulthood'.

The following is my (unsolicited) response:

As a guy on the verge of turning 29, I have gone through the phase you are speaking of. There is no guarantee that I won't go through it again, but it is worthwhile to pen down your thoughts when they seem crystal clear after having gone through a time of muddy swirling nothingness.
1. Disable your facebook account. Humans have survived for hundreds of thousands of years without it. I am sure you can survive the next 20. Alternative is to unsubscribe the 'friends' you speak of. You barely keep in touch with them anyway, just spend precious moments you should be spending thinking of you in thinking and probably cursing them.
2. Decide if you are all about money. You know that already I presume, else there would be no blog entry.
3. Do something. Get off your bum and do something – anything. Fall in love. Write a book. Make a mobile app. Whatever you choose to do, do it well – hell do it the best goddamn way anyone possibly can in this world. “Kaabiliyat ke peeche bhaago, kaamyabi ke nahin. Kaamyabi jhak maarke peeche aayegi.” Quote from a movie, not quite Shawshank, but applicable all the same.
4. Find yourself. While doing things, observe yourself. What is it that you enjoy, what is it that pulls your strings, what is it that you seem to be good at. Identify your temperament, characteristics, classify yourself. Look back, reflect on life, things you did and didn't do. You spend most of your teens and early twenties struggling against being put in any category apart from 'cool'. Time to try the other side. This will help you see what your strengths are and then you can start identifying opportunities.
5. Fill your surroundings with people who don't judge you, rather listen to you and are supportive. You will find your own solutions.
Despite all that I say, it is for you to find what works for you. You own your life. So whether you choose to do or not what I mention, be at peace with your decision. Incessant questioning and self-criticism just bogs you down from living life.